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tips on how to make your kids grow up to be tall
Thursday, September 3, 2009

To help your children achieve their full genetic height potential they should be fed plenty of protein, fruit, vegetables and calcium (milk or certain vegetables) to insure muscle and bone growth. Grains and starches are used by the body for energy, not for growth, and should be kept to a minimum as needed for their activity level.

Watch their weight. They should be of "average" healthy weight. Too little weight and their body goes into emergency mode, sacrificing height for survival. Too much weight and their body gets "weighed down," their metabolism slows and so does growth in height.

Also, excess weight causes earlier puberty, and puberty triggers the mechanism that eventually shuts down growth. Excessive thinness can delay puberty, but the damage done to bone and muscle prevents the extra growth.

They should be fit but not physically stressed. Too little exercise or too much both delay or shut down growth.

The awesome thing about this is the same things that enhance growth are also just plain healthy.

There is also a health factor. If a kid gets sick right when their body is about to go into a growth spurt it can delay or cancel that growth spurt. So keep your kids vaccinated so they don't get sick with unnecessary illnesses. A healthy diet (as mentioned above) will help with their general health.

No one can guarantee your children who are 6' tall (unless you go to a fertility clinic and get sperm from a person who is 6' tall or taller and raise them as your own), but all of these factors will increase the chances of taller children.

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